Vermont day #2, and NYC

14 Nov

So, Day #2 in Vermont. It was a quick day in Vermont, as we needed to get on the NYC. We enjoyed a really nice drive through Vermont. How great it is in the fall! What a beautiful drive! We stopped in Brattleboro to see Grafton Village Creamery. We met a representative from this company last month at a food show in Portland. We told her we would be coming to Vermont this month, and would love to see their facility. She invited us to come over when we were out here. What  a nice place. The facility is very nice, and very busy producing a lot of cheese! We got to see the cheese making process start to finish, and all the way to their giant, giant, giant cheese cave! We sampled a few goodies, and headed out! Thank you GraftonVillage Creamery, for showing us around, and for your hospitality!

After leaving Grafton Cheesewe then got on our way to New York City. It took us several hours, and of course, we happened to arrive right at 5 pm, so needless to say, we spent a little time in traffic…and then we got lost a few times….and then we got lost a few more times…and we finally found our hotel in New Jersey! We did see the tree on a truck on the highway on it’s way to Rockefeller Center. Pretty cool! After arriving, we quickly checked in, got our bearings, and took the bus into Times Square. The weather could not have been more perfect for November, and it was such a great night! We wandered around Times Square, and living in a town of 2000ish, it’s weird to get used to the thousands, and thousands of your closest friends all around Times Square.We had a great “Old School” diner type dinner at a place called “Juniors”. Kevin was so stoked to have a Reuben, and a classic Egg Cream. As some of you may know, they pile the meat very thick on sandwiches…..Tricky to eat!

Nicole’s thoughts:

New York City!!! This was my first time here in the city, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than lots of people and noise. I love it, not enough to want to drop everything and move here, but I really had an amazing time while we have been here. Our first day, or night I guess, we just decided to wander around. Our bus dropped us at the station right on the edge of Times Square, so we went through there first. Talk about sensory overload. There were too many places to look at once and so many people wandering around and so many noises it was overwhelming.  We wandered to Rockefeller Center, where we found that the skating rink was already set up. So we stood there for about 20 minutes and watched the skaters, giving nicknames to the ones that caught our attention and who fell the most.  After that, we went on a hansom cab ride, which was a pretty fun way to see a little bit of the city. Dinner was great, although that was probably the most turkey I’ve ever seen stacked on one sandwich.

Our second day started with a bus ride into Hoboken to catch the train to the park to go to the Statue of Liberty. After finding our way to the right train platform and getting to the Liberty State Park, we found out that the shuttle that runs to the ferry only runs during the weekends. So, rather than pay $10 for a cab, we decided that it didn’t look too far to the ferry, and went for a little walk. Two miles later we made it to the station. Needless to say, we got our exercise for the day. So we went out and checked out the statue and made our way over to New York. Our first stop: the New York Chocolate Show, the main reason we planned our trip in the first place. After paying $30 each we wandered around for a little over an hour, checking out the 60 vendors set up around the room. It wasn’t what I was expecting; when I thought of the show before, I had imagined this huge venue and just tons of stuff going on all having to do with chocolate. I personally thought that the chocolate show we do every year with the Forestry Center in Portland was just as good, if not better.  Needless to say, we probably won’t be going back to see it as customers and definitely not as vendors.

After we left the chocolate show, we wandered over to Maison du Macarons/Madeleine’s Patisserie. It was recommended to us by the very nice man who does the Paris Patisseries blog.  He said the macarons were almost as good as what you would find in Paris, and he was right. They were fantastic, and I can’t wait to go back to New York so I can go back and get some more. (Yes, I do know how to make them, but it’s nice to find somewhere that does a very good job).

Our next stop was Kee’s Chocolates, which we heard was one of the best places to go for chocolate. We were definitely pleasantly surprised by what we found. We had been expecting a pretentious shop, but found the gal who assisted us to be very friendly and personable and very helpful with selecting our chocolates. My favorite that we got was the black sesame truffle. The nuttiness of the sesame went beautifully with the dark chocolate.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, just a quick stop for some pizza (which was fantastic) and a cab ride back to the hotel. I love the cabbies. I got to ride up front several times since there were three of us, and was entertained the entire time by just watching them drive and listening to them hum, sing, and mutter under their breath (each guy had his own little thing).


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  1. Lisa

    November 15, 2010 at 8:31 am

    Last time I was in NY I had an egg cream at every diner I ate at. I think someone needs to bring egg creams to Bandon. Hint, hint!!

    I’m so enjoying reading about your travels. Seeing the Rockefeller tree go by?? Awesome!

    Thanks for the b-day wishes!