Montreal pastries…

11 Nov

Montreal was one of the places I was more excited about, at least from the pastry standpoint. This is because it is like the Paris of the west. Or far west I guess, since Paris is definitely not considered part of the east. Our first stop, after a couple of wrong turns and some turnarounds, was Boulangerie Premiere Moisson, where we got two petite gateaux and some chausson au pommes.  One of the petite gateaux was raspberry, cranberry, and hibiscus. It was all glazed with a red clear glaze and garnished with a chocolate piece, a raspberry, and a cranberry. (Pictures coming soon).It had a nice light mousse, and a lovely cake layer on the bottom. The flavor was nice and light, but you knew that you were eating something with raspberry, cranberry, and hibiscus.  The second dessert was a spiky chocolate dome filled with chocolate mousse and a caramel center. The cocoa powder that had been dusted onto the outside had dried the mousse just enough to make a semi-hard shell on the outside of the dessert.  The center was a soft caramel and it all sat on top of a chocolate biscuit.  Premiere Moisson had a lovely selection of desserts, breads, and viennioserie as well as sandwiches, pates, spreads, salads, and various other edible goods.

Our next stop was Suite 88 Chocolatier, which we managed to get to after fighting through rush hour traffic in downtown Montreal. We had found this place online, and loved the look of their shop and their products and were very excited to get to go and see it. We walked in to a sleek looking white and glass interior, accented with vases filled with sunflowers and other fall-colored and themed decor. The glass cases lining the left wall showcased their chocolates and treats while the counter to the right had a gelato case and some more chocolates. We picked out an assortment of chocolates from the case, and Tara and I decided to share a Belgian waffle with gelato. Kevin tried their intense hot chocolate. The chocolates were very good (I believe we still have a few we haven’t tried yet) and the warm waffle with gelato was a delicious treat. The hot chocolate was very good, and very rich. It was nice and smooth, with no grittiness at all. Definitely worth the stop, and we highly recommend it if you are ever in Montreal.

On our way out of town yesterday we went to a couple more pastry shops. These two were located in more of a suburb of Montreal, and had a little bit of a different feel to them, more like your local pastry shop that you would go to each day for your coffee and morning treat. We got several desserts at the first, a few assorted tarts and a couple of different petite gateaux. These were eaten while driving down the highway going 65 and trying not to dump it on someone’s lap. And I only managed to stab myself in the hand once, which I was rather impressed with. At the second place we went to, we sat down and ate a bit of lunch. The server was very nice, and very patient with us, being as we know very little French and she didn’t know a lot of English. We all managed to get through ordering and ate without further incident. The quiche was fantastic, and Kevin’s soup and pasta looked fantastic as well.

All in all, our trip through Montreal, and Canada in general, was a lot of fun. We got to meet some very nice people and eat some fantastic food at the same time. I can’t wait to see what we will run across within the next couple of days as we head to New York.


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