Ohhh Canada….

10 Nov

Sooooo Canada. What a lovely little jaunt!!! We popped in and out of Canada a couple of times yesterday. We ended up in Montreal. On our way to Montreal out in the middle of Ontario (lancaster) we saw a sign on the highway that said “Glengarry Cheese Creamery”. So of course being the cheese freaks you know we are, we took a quick detour. What a fantastic stop that was! Out in the country, surrounded by cornfields was this great creamery!We started visiting with the very friendly lady at the cheese counter. We explained our love of cheese, and she invited us upstairs where we could see production of that day’s cheese. We had a great “birdseye” view of the process. What a nice facility. Turns out the creamery has been there for a couple of years, and it was started by a woman who started her cheesemaking at home (sound familiar?) :). We had a great visit. They also sell all kinds of cheese making supplies, so I invested in some new molds for my own use. We sampled several of their cheeses….great stuff! I particularly liked the Figaro! Fantastic! We had such a nice time visiting this creamery. What a great facility and cheeses! So glad we stopped!

On to Montreal….I won’t go into to much detail, because this is the pastry chef’s realm, but I will say one thing! When we go to Paris, one of my particular favorite morning treats is Chausson au pomme which means apple slipper. It is a wonderful flaky puff pastry treat, with a fabulous apple filling. Quite simple, really, but something I love! We went into some wonderful pastry shops in Montreal, quite like the ones in Paris, and I found my favorite treat!!!! Yes, I indulged! Aw, my buddy Chausson au pomme…I have missed you!

My favorite treat! I took some time out to snap a photo! How I love the chausson au pomme


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