Chocolate in Madison, WI

08 Nov

so those of you that know me know my stance on chefs and their oh so frail egos… Pastry chefs & chocolatiers are just as bad for sure. As I mentioned earlier we went to one shop in the capitol square area where they didn’t even display the chocolate! No menu or discription. Shame on you to those unnamed chocolatiers! We went to some other shops to that were eehhhh! Then when at the cheese festival and met chocolatier Gail Ambrosius. we really enjoyed her chocolates! high quality, beautiful and not one cocky little bugger at her table. just a very nice chocolatier doing her thing and loving every minute of it. (getting great national recognition too). To me there is nothing better than visiting with a passionate artisan that approaches their trade with passion and humility! Gail it was a real treat to visit with you and to enjoy your fantastic chocolates! Best of luck to you!!


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