Driving, driving & more driving…

05 Nov

So after working 26 hours straight we set out on our cross country adventure, although 2 of us were asleep before we left Bandon. With the exeption of a couple brief encounters of consciousness Kevin had magically transported us to near the Idaho border. We stopped in New Plymouth in the middle of the night to drop off the guinea pigs at the girls house and blazed on. We were however interigated by the local law enforcement when we stopped to check the map which has been the most eventfull part of the trip so far! We can say that because the better part of this day has been spent driving through Wyoming! Seriously… Anyone made this drive before??? If not let me describe it to you; tumbleweed, tumbleweed, tumbleweed, large wind generators, funny shapped rock worth remarking and did I mention tumbleweed? Don’t get me wrong, I am sure Wyoming has lots to offer, just maybe not so much on this stretch of I 80 E. we shall keep on truckin’ to Nebraska.


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