21 Nov

We are home now. We had such a great time! We still find it hard to believe that we drove across the country, and into Canada and back. What a great trip. We are so excited about all the experiences we had, and all the people we met along the way. This country really is an amazing place. So much to savor, and experience and enjoy. We really feel like we just scratched the surface, and have already found excuses as to why we need to go back to this place, or that place. I think we all had our favorite stops, and places we could definitely skip next time.  If any of you have the opportunity to make such a trip, I highly recommend it. Or if not, get to know all the wonderful stops, and places in your immediate area. We find it funny that a lot of the people we talked to, don’t actually do a lot of the touristy stuff, or take the time to enjoy what’s around them. Ourselves included…. We live minutes from the beach and hardly ever go. Most of the people we came in contact with were very proud though of what their particular region has to offer. Whether it be the cheesemakers in Wisconsin, the BBQ joint in Nashville, the goat farmer in Tennessee, the maple syrup makers in Vermont, the bike pedi cab driver in DC, and even the ladies at the Waffle house in Texas. It’s a fun place, our country….go check it out!

For now, we are spending the day getting caught up, and celebrating Kevin’s birthday. We have a busy week already coming up, and then of course it’s the holidays. Big food time!! We will be very busy for the next few months, and we are so grateful for the opportunity we had to make this trip. Happy Birthday today to Kevin, and I need to get busy to create a birthday feast for him. Thank you for reading our blog. We will continue to put more pictures up, and update the blog as we have more experiences. Happy Exploring!


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