Where we left off….

21 Nov

Before we headed out of Albequerque, we wanted to stop at a Mexican grocery store called Pros Ranch Market. Holy Cow! That place was absolutely amazing! I have never seen such a store! We walked into the huge bakery section. There was all kinds of Mexican pastries and desserts. Continuing on there was a whole section of fresh squeezed juices, and drinks, then a huge salsa bar, a whole section where they were busting out so many homemade tortillas, a section of fresh Mexican cheeses, and then of course a deli counter of different fried pork skins. The meat section was very cool as well, although there was a huge beef head for sale. Not something you see in your everyday grocery store 🙂 We had so much fun looking around in this store, and then decided to get something to eat at their huge “restaurant” style counter they had. I had taquitos, rice, beans, and I gotta say, it was the best Mexican food I have ever had!! It was so fantastic! I had a horchata beverage to go with it, and a wonderful churro for dessert. We were so stoked at finding this place. Kevin and Nicole also enjoyed their lunches of chicken tacos, and tacos al pastor. So wonderful, so tasty!!!

Bellies full, we headed out on the long drive to the Grand Canyon. We stopped for a brief moment in Gallup, New Mexico, which is the town I was born in. Interesting town….we stopped at a trading post, that my Dad once worked at. It was cool to see. We bought a few goodies, and then headed out. After many hours of driving we arrived at the Grand Canyon…just in time for Sunset! So beautiful! The Grand Canyon is so trippy, it is so vast it looks like a huge painting. We took several photos, and enjoyed the the sunset, and then headed back out again, arriving in Vegas around 10:00 pm or so. We stayed with wonderful friends of ours. We took Nicole out on her first trip to the strip. We walked most of the strip, and checked  it out, sat and relaxed in the Paris casino, and then headed to catch some sleep. It was a very brief trip to Vegas, but we were so grateful to see our great friends, Michele and Jasmin! Thank you so much for having us!!

When we headed out of Vegas we were on our way to Sacramento. We drove through the mojave dessert…anyone made this trek? WOW!!! It’s everything you would think the mojave dessert would be. Man was it depressing!! Happy to get out of the dessert, we headed up the highway into California, we stopped at Bravo Farms Creamery. What a fun little stop. They make some cheeses I have used many times in my cooking. There was a lot to see, but the creamery was shut down for the day, so we didn’t get to see cheese being made, but they had all kinds of stuff there. Fun stop! If you are ever in the neighborhood….:) We got to Sacramento, and stayed with some more great friends of ours. Don and Karen. We had such a fun evening! We went to Fat’s which is a Chinese Bistro. We have been before, and we just love it!!! We ordered so much food, and had such a wonderful meal! We had a great time with Karen and Don and their daughters. Thank you so much for your hospitality!! Can’t wait to see them again!

The next morning we relaxed with Don and Karen, and then ate at a nice “comfort food” restaurant called Crickets for lunch. Nice, good, honest food! After shopping around a bit we headed out of Sacramento in the late afternoon.

The final stretch home!!!! We managed to avoid a pretty big snow storm on the way, by cutting over to the coast early. We still got hit with some snow, which we found funny. We managed to have fantastic weather the whole trip, until we got just a few hours from home, and there was snow…on the Coast!!! We made it through safe and sound, thanks to the mad snow steering skills of our North Idaho girl, Nicole. We arrived home safe and sound around 2 am!!!


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