Where are we?

18 Nov

Well, after a couple of VERY LONG car rides, we are in Albequerque, NM. Wow, what a long ride. But after we left Nashville, we had a really great experience. In some searching out on the internet a few months ago, on building an in ground cheese ripening cave, we came across a really cool website. It is this cheese creamery in WAY out there Tennessee, and they built their own cheese cave underground. We wrote them to see if they give tours. They wrote back, and welcomed us to come for a tour. We drove several hours, into the deep Tennessee to see this place. It was fantastic! They are a strictly goat farm. The people who own it moved out to Tennessee from California, so they could have their own goat farm. There was literally nothing on the property they bought, except a pre-civil war chimney. They have built everything they have. Seriously, check out their website and look at their cheese aging cave….I sense a project in the works 🙂 Anyway, they gave us a tour of their farm, and all the facilities where they make, and age cheese. Way fantastic!

That was pretty much the highlight of that day….As I said, we had a long drive into Texas through Arkansas. The next day we started our day with a Waffle House, and a SUPER TARGET!!! What a wonderful thing! We quickly headed out on our way to Roswell New Mexico. This was the longest drive of our life….or so it seemed. It was basically all day on 1 highway through west Texas. WOW! The sun was beating down on our car all day, and we saw a lot of cotton fields (which was pretty cool), and oil drills. Not much else! We didn’t even see a restaurant for hours, and as the evening progressed we got hungrier and hungrier. We came through Tatum, New Mexico, and found a steak house. A little apprehensive at first, because it looked like the type of place that every eye would glue to you the second you walked in. We went in anyway, and had a great “comfort food” type dinner. Kevin and Nicole were happy as clams with the Steak fingers they had. And of course we finished with a slice of homemade pie. All in all, a great meal, and very friendly people!

That brought us to Roswell, late into the night. Not much to see, and believe me….I was looking :), but we stopped at an “alien store”, and the clientele late at night in Roswell is very interesting! Present company excluded of course :). Interesting little town, Roswell. Their street lamps are alien faces!

We are now in Albequerque, and headed out this mornig bound for the Grand Canyon, and then onto Vegas!


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