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15 Nov

Well, we have moved quite a bit over the last few days….Man, have we covered some ground!! It’s kind of trippy when we think of where we have been. Since I last blogged we went to NYC, Hershey Pennsylvania (yes, we checked them out 🙂 ), on to Gettysburg, and to Amish Country. Then we headed to DC, and did a long haul overnight to get us to Nashville! Man, I’m tired just thinking about it! I have been to DC a few times, as I spent 6 weeks there a few years back working. I have also been to Amish country, Gettysburg, and Hershey before. I don’t tire of seeing such rich American history. My Dad is a fabulous source of History knowledge, and the Civil war is 1 of his specialties. We had the pleasure of going to Gettysburg a few years back with my Dad, and he shared with us so much knowledge of the battles. I so much enjoyed going back there, and now there is this incredible Visitor center and museum. We also saw the Sunset over one of the main battlefields. What a beautiful sight!

In Amish country we went to the famous “Miller’s Smorgasbord”! I generally don’t much care for Buffets, but this was a good exception.

While in DC, we went to 1 museum at the Smithsonian. This was about all we could fit in. Again, I very much enjoy the history of seeing the original American flag newly restored, Julia Child’s kitchen, All the wars and the memorabilia, and of course Dorthy’s red shoes, or Fonzy’s leather jacket! What a trip! We did get lost several times around DC, and ended up seeing several things again, and again, and again. The scene from the European Vacation movie where they go around a European circle many times, and see big Ben over and over again comes to mind 🙂 The funniest part was the bike cab we took. As Nicole pointed out, we ended up laughing hysterically the whole time!! Man, poor guy! He said it was no problem though!! He must have the killer quads! We also ate in China town, great food! We took the time to walk several of the memorials at night, and that of course is always sobering, but we were grateful to have the oppurtunity!

We drove another crazy alnighter here to Nashville, where we covered the Opryland Hotel (first day back open after the flood last spring), the Grand Ole Opry, and Jack’s BBQ. Which brings me back to where we are right now. Sitting in the Hotel, getting ready to go back out into Downtown Nashville, and back to Jack’s BBQ. As you may have read Kevin’s post, he is so ecstatic to be able to visit his old friend the BBQ. It brings us much joy to be able to eat at one of my husband’s favorite places ever. Brings a single slow tear to the eye! Gotta go, more BBQ to eat!


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