Washington, D.C.

15 Nov

We made it into Washington D.C. early in the afternoon yesterday. After driving around and finally finding some parking we made it to our first stop: the American History museum at The Smithsonian. They had some cool exhibits set up, and it was a trip to see the original flag that inspired the national anthem.

After leaving the museum, we walked the mall and then decided to go back to our car to check out some of the monuments that were further down the way and drive by the White House. So, as we were walking back towards where we had parked, we saw a few pedicabs and decided to ask how much it was for a ride, and see if two were available. After finding out the rate we decided it would be fun to take a couple back to our car. Then we were told that the one was the only one around to take us. After much convincing on his part that it would be no problem with the three of us in the back (he said he had hauled seven people one time, comparing the cart to a VW Bug), we piled in and off we went. Most of the ride was spent laughing like little kids, until we got to a hill that was close to where we parked and we took pity on the poor, now exhausted man. No worries, we tipped him well for his efforts before heading off to our car.

The rest of the night was spent eating some fantastic Chinese food in Chinatown (where else?) and going to the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. All were beautiful, but none of them have quite the impact that the Vietnam memorial does. Just seeing all the names etched into the stone and knowing what they signified was something else.


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